Sasha Solodukhina  Director
is a graduate of Wesleyan University and currently resides in the City of New Orleans, colloquially known as “The Big Easy”.  Although her ambitions have always been “Big”, they have certainly not been “Easy”.  She is currently supervising a feature length documentary through post-production, and recently produced a narrative feature that premiered at SXSW in 2014 and played at the BAM Cinema Fest.  She was an associate producer on Yolonda Ross’s (Go For SistersTreme) “Breaking Night,” which was featured on VH1 Classics as the official music video for Manfred Mann’s, “Blinded by the Light.”  In her spare time, she is just your ordinary aspiring lady arm-wrestler who is working hard to prevent the Apocalypse.  

Justin Zweifach  Director of Photography
Justin was born in New York and studied movies at Wesleyan. The first short he photographed, Nick Singer's "February," was selected for Slamdance 2012. Since then Justin has lensed several shorts with a variety of directors that have garnered success on the festival circuit. His work on Breaking Night, a short film starring The Wire's Clarke Peters, was recently featured in rotation on VH1's "Classic Rock Fest Show" as the official music video for Manfred Mann's "Blinded by the Light." In 2013 he finished photographing his first feature, Other Months, which had its World Premiere this year at SXSW. Justin just finished another year teaching Algebra and currently resides in New Orleans. 

Gabe Elder  Producer
Gabe is a producer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY but considers New Orleans to be a second home. He has worked on a wide assortment of projects ranging from documentaries, feature films, music videos and television.  In addition to producing Sasha's first film "The Story of Spencer and Nancy," Gabe and Sasha have worked together on numerous projects.

Elena Jambusarwalla  Producer
A Birmingham native, Elena moved to Louisiana in 2008 to attend Louisiana State University, where she studied English literature and mass communication. Having graduated in 2012, she moved to New Orleans, where she currently resides. After gaining experience in journalism and web marketing, Elena eventually found herself caught up in New Orleans' bustling film industry. She works primarily in the production department on features, short films, commercials and music videos.

Assistant Director: Ben Kuller

Art Director: Vivian Schwab

Construction Coordinator: Julian Wellisz