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Thank you guys for making this happen!  236 backers helped make this project possible!

As a special thanks - here is a video of a baby miniature horse and puppy playing that I filmed while doing a location scout a few days ago.

You have been amazing.  This wouldn't have happened without you.

With so much love and gratitude,

Sasha + the rest of Team Disappearance  



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    We are VERY excited to announce that the captivating and immensely talented YOLONDA ROSS (Actress/Writer/Director/Producer) will be joining the cast as Cassandra.  In 2014, Ross was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her performance in John Sayles’ film Go For Sisters and is currently in production for Angela Bassett’s Whitney Houston biopic. 

    Yolonda Ross

    Yolonda Ross

    And that’s not all! 

    We are also so happy to introduce New Orleans gem, CARLY MEYERS as Lena. Carly Meyers is the front woman/trombone player of Yojimbo, a funk band that has toured across the country and frequently plays at local, beloved venues around New Orleans.  Referred to as “welding her trombone like a mystical samurai sword,” Meyers is guaranteed to bring a spirited debut performance to How to Disappear Completely.

    Carly Meyers

    Carly Meyers

    We are so excited to have them on board Team Disappearance.   Keep checking back for more updates!

    UPDATE: Let’s Sit Down and Talk About Your Future

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    Seven days in, and we already have almost $4,000! Thank you so much to those of you that have already backed - we can’t thank you enough! 

    We are excited to announce several new crew members that will be joining Team Disappearance. 

    Abby Horton 

    Mark Lowry

    Philip Piediscalzo 

    Sam Bass 

    Cooper Rogers

    Hannah Swenson 

    Max Skelton 

    Anna McKinsey 

    Luna Vicini 

    Adam Lipscomb 

    Melody Chang 

    Sierra Bintliff 

    And in case anyone was worried - here are some things we figured out this week:

    Piglets and most weather patterns - thunderstorm, snow storm, dust storm.  Thanks to the owner of this creature-cycle and our new SFX Supervisor:

    Check back soon for casting updates, and continue to look for updates on our Facebook page! 

    Thanking you Completely, 

    Sasha and the Committee of Disappearance